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Seminar in Sydney and Melbourne is cancelled due to COVID-19. For refund, please contact us by email


Someone who has little or basic knowledge about online Business or about eBay/Amazon and wants to learn how to sell online is a suitable candidate for this conference. Anyone who has access to stock, products or niche but is reluctant and does not know how to move on to next step. Or anyone who had an account on eBay or Amazon in the past but got suspended by eBay or Amazon and now would like to get back to these platforms.

The scope of the upcoming seminar has been extended to various new avenues for the students who are passionate to be part of E-commerce. Therefore, anyone of you who is interested to learn about Amazon FBA Asset Building, Amazon FBA wholesale, Amazon Drop Ship, Amazon FBA and Kindle freelancing, Proxy Marketing, Amazon and eBay VA, Shopify DS and Amazon Kindle is welcomed to attend the conference and learn both basic and advance level skills to muster the E-business and its complexities.

What information will you get?

We believe that this conference which covers almost all main themes required to be acquainted with prior to entering into any E-commerce business will enable students to make money and upgrade their life standards/businesses. Besides, the participants of the conference shall also get an opportunity to directly interact with senior members of the Extreme Commerce and learn more about Amazon over lunch & tea breaks.